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777 is becoming well-known for their range of e-liquids, but their own-brand e-cigs are pretty decent too. It might not be the best electronic cigarette on the market, but both the standard and ladies’ versions of the e-cig perform pretty well.

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8.7Expert Score
777 eCigs Review

It isn't the best e-cig in the world, but 777’s huge selection of flavors, excellent battery life and options like manual batteries and e-liquids make the e-cig well worthy of consideration. The lack of a 24mg nicotine level and poor throat hit hold it back for heavier ex-smokers, though.

Vapor Quality
Battery Life
Value for Money
  • Massive selection of 16 cartridge flavors
  • Good battery life and three length options
  • Choice of manual and automatic batteries
  • E-liquid and blank cartridges available
  • 6 month warranty on batteries and a year on chargers
  • Vapor production could be better
  • Some cartridge leakage issues
  • Only a light throat hit
  • Some questionable designs

🏆Our Verdict: The 777 (Triple Seven) is a promising e-cig brand that combines variety and fundamental functions with affordability and style. Although the majority of their e-cigarette kits are the cig-a-like type, 777 has strived hard to address the many different needs of vaping consumers since their establishment. We would love to see some more enhancements and advanced kits in the future from this brand.

777 Ecigs’ Best Products:

777 Bullet E-Cig Starter Kit
777 Bullet E-Cig Starter Kit
The Bullet Essentials Starter Kit, which is priced at $29.95, is a basic unit that was designed to satisfy beginners. It does not speak of any complicated features—only the most essential in starting out your vaping experience and quitting the cancerous stick once and for all.

Triple Seven succeeded in imitating the feel of tobacco smoking with this kit, as it sports an unpretentious build and size, comparable to the regular tobacco cigarette that most newbie vapers want to avoid. The Bullet Essentials Kit works as a regular e-cigarette and uses modern microelectronic technology, atomizing flavored e-liquid into vapor. For those who are interested in trying out e-liquid based e-cigs, or for those who are eager to find a way to quit tobacco, the 777 Bullet Essentials Starter Kit is a bargain.

While it is an entry-level kit in general, the Bullet Essentials has a 320 mAh stainless steel battery that not only looks sleek, but is also quite powerful compared to other cig-a-like units. The power is enough to let you vape for at least 8 hours, give or take, depending on how heavy a vaper you are. The unit can also be used while charging, which is an added bonus to the whole package. For a kit that costs less than $30, the build of this unit feels durable, and will last for a few months.

So whether you are out and about or indoors, this affordable starter kit, which includes a refillable 1.3 ml tank, serves as a great way to start vaping. For beginners, the built-in atomizers make this kit simple and straightforward to us. By just filling the tank with their chosen e-liquid, screwing it onto the battery, and pushing the button, users can begin vaping and continue for hours and hours.

Each complete Bullet Essentials Starter Kit includes 1 Stainless Steel 320 mAh battery (in blue, black, or stainless steel), one 1.3ml Tank, 1 USB cord, 1 wall adapter, and 1 manual.

Magnum Volt Essentials Starter Kit
Magnum Volt Essentials Starter Kit
The Magnum Volt Essentials Starter Kit is one of Triple Seven Ecigs’ most popular products, being both a beginners’ and advanced users’ kit. Starting off with the price, this kit is worth $49.95, before any coupon code discount, which is available almost everywhere on the internet.

The durability of this product is comparable, or very similar to, Kanger Evod tanks and batteries, only they are branded under Triple Seven. The kind of materials used in both the tank and battery are the same make of a kit that will last for years. Anyone who has been vaping for some time will definitely know the quality of the kit by its build.

This kit has a 650 mAh battery, which is considerably powerful, given the size of the unit. It has the variable voltage option, allowing its users to choose their preferred voltage settings from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts. Any user can set their voltage using the voltage dial at the bottom of the battery. Advanced vapers who want faster vaporization of their e-liquid with higher heat can set it to higher levels.

Although the Magnum Volt involves some adjusting to the voltage settings, the process of using this kit is pretty user-friendly, just like any other basic starter kits that are perfect for beginners; only it brings more customization options at a fairly reasonable price. Simply fill the tank with your chosen e-liquid (which 777 creates using the safest ingredients), screw it onto the battery, push the button for one to two seconds to heat up and start vaping immediately. The kit comes with a beginner-friendly manual that enables any newbie to the vaping community to operate the device without difficulty.
The Magnum Volt Essentials has an improvised dropper that makes it easy to refill the tank. The tank, which comes with five replacement coils, is rebuildable—something that advanced users who are into modifications and long-term usage will love.

Performance is high standard with 777’s Magnum Volt Essentials, as it produces clouds of great tasting vapor with rich and powerful flavor. The absence of gurgling sounds, vis-à-vis the sizzling sound while you vape, completes the vaping experience that this variable voltage kit offers.

Magnum Digital Essentials Starter Kit
Magnum Digital Essentials Starter Kit
The Magnum Digital Essentials Starter kit is technically the same kit as the Magnum Volt Essentials, only it has a non-variable battery with an LCD screen that shows the status of the battery and the number of puffs that have been taken. This kit is for beginners who opt for uncomplicated usability with added features from an LCD screen over variable voltage. If you are more about style and convenience, rather than a cloud chaser, then the Magnum Digital Essentials Kit is the best 777 product for you.

Included in the kit is: (1) 1.5 ml Kanger Tank with Pyrex glass, (1) 650 mAh battery with LCD screen, (1) 5-pack of replacement coils, (1) user manual, and (1) smart US cord + wall adapter. Its overall build is equally as notable as the Magnum volt series, because it also uses Kanger Evod quality batteries and tanks. The matte black and stainless steel versions are both classy and intact. It is designed to last for years of vaping.

Ladies Crystal T4 Essentials Starter Kit
Ladies Crystal T4 Essentials Starter Kit
A product of 777’s efforts in creating exceptional products, the Ladies Crystal T4 Essentials Starter Kit is an exclusive entry-level kit that is especially designed for chic vaping. It comes with either a manual or automatic battery that deviates from the customary stainless steel and black blueprint with its Swarovski crystal design.

This starter kit is all about fashionable vaping and it’s suitable for beginners (who care less about wattage and voltage variability, LED screens, and rebuildable tanks), or advanced women vapers who want to have an elegant piece of back-up for when the occasion calls the need for it. Its size is perfectly set to fit a ladies’ hand, and the crystals on the battery are bonded with the strictest adherence to 777’s standards in terms of quality and durability.

Since the kit is not for everyday use and was instead created for special occasion vaping, users can expect it to last for years. The T4 tank works with up to 10 refills, which means that it will live longer even after hours of posh partying. You can also enjoy vaping even when you head home for the day. A step ahead of prefilled cartridges, the T4 tanks allow for better production of vapor with the chosen e-liquid.

The manual battery is a more powerful option that produces thicker and more flavorful vape and lasts longer compared to the automatic battery. The automatic option saves you from the trouble of having to press the button each time you puff.
This elegant kit for ladies also includes a high-class crystal carry case (available in white, champagne, or black), 3 refillable tanks, a charger for home use, a car charger, and a user’s manual.

777 eCigs: Our Expert Review

The world of e-cigarettes is growing exponentially. As the industry balloons, more and more new manufacturers are coming onto the scene, but making the choice between an established company and a less well-known one is always difficult. 777 eCigs is one of the more recent entrants onto the market, but that doesn’t mean that their products are inferior to those produced by established manufacturers like V2 Cigs and Green Smoke. We’ve thoroughly tested the 777 eCig to give you an idea of what you can expect for your money.

The Standard Starter Kit comes with two batteries (with a choice of manual or automatic), car charger, USB charger, wall adapter and ten cartridges. They also offer a Ladies’ Signature Series, which comes in the same style of starter kit with more feminine batteries.

Packaging and Design

The 777 Standard Starter Kit comes in a sturdy cardboard box with a built in magnetically-closing clasp. Both kits bear the casino-style “777” logo, but the Ladies’ Signature Series box is a soft pink, in comparison to the deeper blue color of the standard box. The top layer has two foam slots carved into it to hold the batteries, and everything else is boxed and neatly arranged underneath. It’s well-designed, sturdy and snugly-packed.

Both manual and automatic batteries are available in a wide variety of colors. They’re all two-piece designs, and the majority of them have the “777” logo emblazoned on the body.  The standard models are the expected pen-size, but the women’s batteries are thinner – giving them a more sleek and feminine appearance. The solid color ones look cool, but the Ladies’ Rhinestone or Swarovski Crystal models are basically what would happen if you crossed an e-cigarette with a disco ball. All of the standard-sized batteries – regardless of their targeted gender – have crystal-style designs for the tip, and they light up in varying colors on inhalation. The two pieces screw together comfortably and securely.

Nicotine Levels

There are four different nicotine levels available through 777 eCigs, with the standard options of Zero, Light (6mg), Medium (12mg) and Full (18mg). The 24mg nicotine level option is only available on the Classic Tobacco flavor. This gives those looking to reduce their nicotine intake incremental steps of 6mg to manage down through. The Zero nicotine option is a nice touch, but unfortunately they haven’t opted for a “Strong,” 24mg option on all of their flavors like some brands do. This isn’t usually important, but it will help the heaviest smokers curb their nicotine cravings.

Flavors and Vapor

The vapor production from the 777 eCig is good. You get a decent cloud of vapor after priming the manual battery by holding the button for a couple of seconds or giving the automatic battery a couple of introductory puffs. Although the vapor production doesn’t quite match up to the market-leaders in this area (such as V2 Cigs), it is still plenty to replicate the sensory experience of smoking, and you get a light throat-hit. Compared to a tobacco cigarette, it does markedly fall short, however.

The flavor profile for the 777 eCigs cartridges is pretty impressive. There are 16 different flavors to choose from, including four blends of tobacco, classics like Menthol, Coffee and Vanilla, and some more unusual varieties such as Pina Colada, Caramel, Strawberry and Italian Crème. The Classic tobacco blend is a little musty and unpleasant-tasting, but the other tobacco flavors (777 Blend, Gold 7 and Traditional) are well-executed and very vape-able. Across the board, the replications of the intended flavors are pretty accurate, and the Strawberry is a particular favorite of mine. You also get additional flavor options if you buy the e-liquid and blank cartridges. Read the full 777 eCigs cartridges review.


The battery life on the 777 eCig depends on the size of battery you get (they offer short, standard and long ones) and whether you choose manual or automatic activation. If you take a fully-charged battery out when you go to work, you’re unlikely to run out before you get home unless you use it pretty heavily. The standard battery offers 250 puffs, and the long option provides up to 350, but this depends on your vaping style and lung capacity.

Charging is easy, with the battery attachment screwing simply into the USB adapter. The charger on the gender-neutral kit has a short USB cable, which means you don’t have an e-cig pointing out precariously from your computer, but they’ve reverted to the pen-drive style for the Ladies’ Signature Series. Charging takes 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the battery. The red light on the charger switches to blue when it’s done.

Looking for similar products to 777 eCigs? Check out our list of the best electronic cigarettes for this year.

Additional Details

777 has a lot more options other than the abovementioned products, ranging from beginners’ starter kits, to cig-a-likes, mods, and more advanced kits made by some of the most reliable brands when it comes to tanks and batteries.

They also have the e-Hookah, a great device for special occasion vaping, with 25 flavors of e-Shishah to choose from. The brand also has 49 e-liquid flavors that are meant to cater to all users’ personal preferences. They are offered in 15 ml glass bottles with bent tip droppers for easier refills. Each flavor is available in different nicotine strengths from 0 mg to 18 mg, with a couple of flavors offered in 24 mg.

With a wide selection of starter kits, accessories, and e-liquids priced at affordable rates, 777 is undeniably keeping up in the race, and we believe that the brand has wiggle room to improve.


The 777 eCig is a solid product, offering a great flavor selection, good battery life, cool designs, plenty of nicotine levels and a decent cloud of vapor. This isn’t a novice effort by any stretch of the imagination, but it isn’t without its flaws. The problem of cartridge leakage is a little more common than with other brands, and the vapor production and throat-hit could be better. However, aside from these minor gripes it’s a great product, and well worth consideration.

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